The Institute of Particle Physics promotes Canadian excellence in particle physics research and advanced education.

Physics Programs

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While the IPP broadly supports particle physics research in Canada, we maintain a set of "IPP projects" that constitute our core programme. more

Research Scientists

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The IPP employs eight faculty-equivalent research scientists who lead the Canadian efforts in major particle physics experiments around the world. more

Subatomic Physics Compute Canada White Paper

In response to the June 2014 Compute Canada call for whitepapers, IPP and CINP submitted a white paper on the subatomic physics community's future computing requirements on 31 July 2014.

IPP mourns the death of Alan Astbury

Dr. Alan Astbury, Professor Emeritus of Physics at the University of Victoria, died on 21 July 2014 following a brief illness. Alan, a leading figure in Canadian science, served as Director of IPP (1991-1995) and of TRIUMF (1994-2001). more

Cern Summer Students CERN Summer Students

The Institute of Particle Physics provides support for Canadian citizens to participate in the CERN summer student programme. more