The Institute of Particle Physics promotes Canadian excellence in particle physics research and advanced education.

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IPP broadly supports particle physics research in Canada and maintains a set of IPP Projects that constitute our core experimental programme.


HL-LHC Announcement On 25 June 2018 Federal Science Minister Kirsty Duncan announced in Vancouver that Canada will contribute $10 million for the cryomodules of the crab cavities of the High-Luminosity Large Hadron Collider (HL-LHC) in response to a request from CERN, vigorously supported by IPP. Crab cavities are a critical component of the HL-LHC upgrade and are essential to achieve the high luminosity goals of this next generation of the LHC. TRIUMF will manage the production of the components and will make a $2 million in-kind contribution for a total project value of $12 million The project will generate roughly $8 million in industrial contracts.

Canada's Fundamental Science Review 2017

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