small logoPolicy #9 - Relocation


Define the conditions under which IPP will reimburse relocation expenses of newly appointed RS and the maximum amount of reimbursement. Define the procedures under which IPP Continuing RS may relocate and under which conditions the IPP will contribute to relocation costs.


  • IPP will pay relocation costs up to the equivalent of the base salary for two months for new IPP RS.
    NOTE: In the event that the employee decides to leave the IPP position on her/his own volition prior to twelve (12) months continuous service, IPP will be compensated for all reimbursed relocation costs. A newly hired RS will be required to sign an agreement to this effect prior to relocating.
  • IPP RS who initiate a change of host university will not normally be reimbursed for relocation costs.
  • IPP RS who change host universities at the request of IPP to better fulfill IPP research objectives will be reimbursed, as under (1).
  • IPP RS who temporarily relocate to a laboratory or research institute as part of their research activities will not be reimbursed for relocation costs by IPP. The costs of such relocation, including the necessary additional or replacement benefit premiums should be covered by the individual research group. For such relocations, prior approval is required from NSERC, IPP, and the research group involved.