small logoPolicy #7 - Non-IPP Work


The IPP RS positions are primarily intended for research in particle physics. This policy addresses the situation where an IPP RS occasionally may be involved in non-IPP work during normal working hours or in some other direct or indirect way this non-IPP work has an impact on her/his work for the IPP.

General Principles

RS should consult with the IPP Director about activities that have the possibility of affecting the work they do for the IPP.The IPP Director may agree to the activity if it satisfies the following criteria.

  • There is no conflict of interest (see policy #11)
  • The activity is of significant benefit to the IPP.
  • The activity benefits the professional development of the RS.
  • The activity benefits the wider IPP community.

The allowance of financial remuneration paid to the RS will be decided on a case to case basis between the RS and the Director.