small logoPolicy #4 - Location and Relationship with Host University


The intent is that the RS and the Director agree on a mutually acceptable host university. The host university must be an Institutional Member of IPP and be actively engaged in IPP research projects. The RS must comply with all the applicable policies, guidelines and terms of employment of their host university. The host university agrees to provide a working environment for the RS that is substantially similar to that of an equivalent faculty member.

Host University

The host university agrees to the following conditions:

  • to provide an adjunct appointment that allows the RS to apply for and hold research grants from Granting Councils and that allows the RS to supervise graduate students.
  • to provide benefits from an existing benefits plan at the host university (see Policy #5).
  • to provide office and laboratory space.
  • to provide access to university facilities.
  • that RS are, in general, not required nor expected to teach university courses. Exceptionally, if a RS wishes to teach a formal undergraduate course, prior approval must be obtained from the Director.


  • There normally will be no more than two RS at a given host university.
  • The IPP Secretary-Treasurer will forward funds to the host university on a regular basis to cover both salary and benefits.