small logoPolicy #2 - Recruitment


The IPP will follow a fair and equitable procedure to recruit the best qualified RS. Recruitment procedures follow Canadian Immigration Department requirements.


  • 1.Approval by NSERC is necessary to appoint a RS.
  • 2.Procedure shall be determined by the Director with advice from Council. The same search procedure shall be followed for all the candidates for a given search. The procedure should contain some or all of the following:
    • a. Position should be advertised internationally. It should include magazines, or journals or newspapers with a wide readership among particle physicists.
    • b. Applicants must provide a curriculum vitae and a list of referees or arrange references to be sent.
    • c. There should be an interview and the applicant should normally give a seminar.
    • d. IPP members should have an opportunity to comment on the candidates.
  • 3.The Director decides who is appointed based on the recommendation of the Council.