small logoPolicy #13 - Termination


Termination of an IPP RS shall be conducted as per the following procedures:


Termination is the permanent cessation of employment by IPP due to the conclusion of a fixed term appointment, resignation, retirement, death, financial stringency, cessation of operations, or dismissal with cause.


  • Conclusion of a fixed term appointment – see Policy #1.
  • Resignation – an IPP RS may resign his/her position upon giving the IPP Director a minimum of two weeks written notice.
  • Retirement – see Policy #12.
  • Death – see Policy #14.
  • Financial stringency/cessation of operations – this situation could arise due to the reduction or termination of the NSERC grant that supports the RS program (see Policy #10). Notice of termination and the determination of severance payments is the responsibility of the BOT. The amount of notice and severance payment for Continuing RS shall be:
    • Lay-off:
      • Six months notice will be given to tenured IPP RS who are laid off as a result of financial stringency.
      • In addition, should funds be available, the notice will be extended by one month’s notice per year of service to a maximum of twenty four months.
      • Finally, should funds be available, the minimum total notice for those with less than six years of service would be twelve months.
    • Severance Pay:
      • On termination of employment with IPP as a result of lay-off due to financial stringency, IPP RS with a continuing appointment will be entitled to a severance payment of one week’s pay per year of service to a maximum of 26 weeks.
  • Dismissal with cause – an IPP RS may be discharged “with cause” in the case of incompetence or gross misconduct.