small logoPolicy #1 - Appointments


Every IPP RS hired shall fall under one of the following types of appointment and the type shall dictate various benefits, compensation and job tenure. The relationship between the RS and the host university is outlined in Policy #4. Each RS will receive a written confirmation of his/her employment terms as outlined in Policy #3.

Research Scientist

An IPP RS refers to a person appointed to a full time position by the IPP. RS are expected to have a Ph.D. in particle physics and a record of research accomplishments. RS are required to support the IPP research projects and are expected to provide intellectual leadership to the research programme. The Director and RS determine which IPP project the RS may work on initially. RS with the agreement of the Director may subsequently develop projects that have a reasonable expectation of becoming IPP projects. The Director and RS determine the host university where a RS is located. RS are expected to apply for funding from Granting Councils to support their research and may supervise graduate students. Job descriptions are found in Policy #6.

Types of Appointment

1. Term Research Scientist

All RS are hired for an initial three year term. A review will be held in the third year to determine whether the term of the RS be changed to a continuing term.Criteria and procedures for the review are given in Policy #6.

2. Continuing Research Scientist

This is an appointment without term.Continuing RS may be promoted to Principal RS if they are determined by peer review to be international leaders in particle physics (see Policy #6).